Before you Spend money on FACEBOOK advertising

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Before you Spend money on FACEBOOK advertising

October 1, 2017 Social Marketing 0


Facebook page marketing for your Business or Organisation.

Where is the best place to hide a tree?

In a forest.

It is a noisy world out there on the Social Media Platforms.

What can one do to stand out?

There are many ways to stand out; like create great content
that enriches, entertains and educates our customers on a consistent basis.

The next step would be to use the paid advertising option on Facebook.

Facebook makes it really very easy to spend money advertising and boosting pages…


I would urge you to consider the following 11 points.

1. Have you completed all the information about your business on the page?

All contact details
Opening Hours

2. Have you liked other pages in the name of your Facebook Page?

For example, customer pages, supplier pages and if you are bold some of your competitor’s pages.

3. Make sure you have put a call to action button on the right-hand bottom of your header image.

Here you have a choice of some different options like “send” “message” “call now”.

4. Ensure that your header image is clear, crisp, attractive and most importantly positioned correctly.

I see some header images that cut off people’s heads, tops of products and other poor discipline in images – like bad lighting, bad composition and blury photos.

Facebook says the perfect size for your Facebook header image is 851×315 pixels.

The image should be a JPEG, and it should be set to RGB and about 72 DPI.

5. Make sure that your profile picture is great and that nothing is cut off.

Make sure that your profile picture is either your company logo or something that people understand your company is linked to.

6. Make sure you have a great and concise website.

People often visit a website from Facebook in order to find out more about your company and what it offers regarding products and services.

A well laid out website that is professional looking and concise will improve your image and the likelihood that the prospective customer will do business with you. However, there are cases where people run such fantastic Facebook pages that it is not necessary to have a website.

Hillcrest Tops run a fantastic Facebook page, with so much information and specials that I have never felt the need to look at their website. They probably do have one, but all my needs are met within the Facebook platform itself and I’ve never had to use their website. But that said they use Facebook exceptionally well, and this is not the norm.

7. Make sure you have a good few interesting posts that are informative and entertaining, clear and concise.  Hopefully, these posts will have had some interaction with people who have liked your page.

8. When you are ready to boost a post for the first time…boost it to existing customers first.

Facebook makes it very easy to spend money boosting posts. It is a matter of entering your credit card details setting a target audience and three or four clicks later you could be spending between $10 and $30 in the blink of an eye.

Facebook marketing works. It really really really works!
It is a fantastic platform to reach your customers.

But before you boost any posts it is critical that you have addressed the other 7 points above. Otherwise, you will be wasting money.

When boosting a post, my first recommendation is that you should be boosting that post to existing customers. Not people who already like your Page, (Just because they like your Page does not mean they have bought from you. – I like the Porsche page, but I have not bought from them yet)

It is easier to get new work from existing customers because they know you already, they have dealt with you before and probably like you.

What you need to do is export your current customer’s email addresses from your invoicing system, something like Pastel or Xero or Freshbooks and upload those email addresses into a custom targeted audience in the back end of your Page.

Facebook will then take all those email addresses and marry them to the database checking to see if there are members in Facebook that have that email address with the login and then it serves your advert to that account.

This means that if someone has a Facebook account with that email address and they are one, either not your friend or two, haven’t liked your page, they will still be served up that advert.

Facebook discards any email addresses that are not being used as a login email, so you are not paying for any email address that don’t have a Facebook account.

Once you have done this and seen the results it is then safe to start venturing out, trying new audiences to advertise to.

I would then boost adverts to people who like my page and their friends and then create a custom geographical based advert.

9. Set up a “Check in” button on your Facebook page and encourage customers to check in when they come into your business.

A good idea would be to set up a competition to say “check in” as you shop at our store and you stand a chance of being one of our monthly winners to win a certain prize. This is a great way to advertise your business on Facebook because other people are informed of who has “checked in” on a certain business.

This is the power of social proof because you might see your friend is shopping at a local pool store. You like your friend, you trust your friend’s opinions, so when you see them using a particular pool shop, you might be more inclined to use that shop, so the “CHECK IN”  feature is a very powerful and underused tool on Facebook for marketing.

10. Use the Insights tool to see the performance of your Page.

Facebook has very powerful insights into how adverts perform and give you a detailed breakdown as to how the post was engaged with, like how many people were reached, reactions (liked, loved, wow, ha ha), comments and shares.
Here you can learn what works with your audience and then refine your adverts to become more effective.

Another way to use the insights of your Facebook page is to watch other pages.

Here you can select pages that you admire and aspire to be like or you can select your competitor’s pages and watch how they perform.

Here you are being told the Pages total number of likes, how that has changed up or down from the previous week, the number of posts they did each week and the engagement of that week.

It is very interesting to note for example that a page of maybe 7500 likes and followers had zero posts and zero engagements, while a page that has maybe 142 likes had 11 posts and 284 engagements. That certainly shows a lot more life and energy coming from that particular business so while it is nice to have big numbers it is always better to have more engagement.

Engagement trumps “likes”
and a “Like” is not a sale.

11. If you have an Instagram account, it is worthwhile considering upgrading it to a business or professional account, which is free, and link this to your Facebook page. This way you can share your promotions between Facebook and Instagram because Instagram is owned by Facebook.

It is a busy world out there on all the social platforms, in order to be noticed one needs to put in the time and effort onto the social platforms to ensure their customers are finding out relevant information about their businesses and how they can be helped and how you can improve sales.

I think a forest is more beautiful than a single tree, but try and be the tree where all the birds and squirrels like to hang out.

Be the tree the with the most life.


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