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Brainstorm and plan and prepare… We help with all this for your business.


Smart but Ethical Marketing

“Kindness is invinciable” – Marcus Aurelius.

“With great power comes great responsibility”  –  Spiderman’s uncle.

Try some radical new things rooted in goodness.

Undertand your data

“The Data will tell you anything if you torture it hard enough” – We don’t like torture and nor should you, but we love helping you sort your data into something you can use as a powerful asset.


Creative Thought

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge” Albert Einstein.

We make sure you use both in order to create a winning formula.

Creative thought is a powerful force…use it.

Army of one

What we can offer you:

It’s all about the sales…simple as that. Cold hard fact. 

But we do believe you can do good with your business, make a difference in this world and make a profit. Check out our services below to see how we can help you.


Just need some advice or someone to re-enforce your plans or just down right challenge you. Rob is available to come in for a full day at a reduced rate of R3000 + travel or sign up for a 1 hour monthly meeting rate of R500 per month.

Sales Growth

We are big believers in business for Good – Business to fix the broken things in the world and Business to change lives for the better, but it’s  all about the sales!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is great and open to everyone to take advantage of. But you can throw alot of money into the wind very very very easily if you don’t do this right. Call us in for a consult or sign up for one of our packages.

Database development

You can’t sell to those who can’t reach and if you can’t reach existing customers in under 2 minutes you have a problem. Control over your data and quick command over how you mine and use it is critical. We love love love data.


Words Sell. Bang for buck these are the most important things on any part of your marketing. 

Knowledge Management

The curse of knowledge, which is forgeting how much you really know and taking it for granted what your customer knows it is a common mistake we see. Lets explore this and set up systems to make sure it is accessible to all staff.


Having owned a large and diverse printing business we live print, but our many years in the print industry have made us realise which printer is best for your job.  We have solid relationships with 5 well established print companies ensuring you get the best qaulity and price.


Having worked on hundreds of books, some sold tens of thousands and some only a few hundred, we are able to help you throught the self publishing journey from outlining the book all the way through to the finsihed product and beyond.

Web Development

From a simple one pager to a full ecommerece store, we can help get it up and your message across.

Staff Training

We have a few great online systems and tools we use to great effect. Our teams work at a distributed level on an international basis. We are sure there are a few things we can teach you inorder to be more effective.

Content Marketing

Traditional marketing still works, but it is on the way out. We help you create great content in your field that will establish you as an authority in your field.


These are an extention of our publishing department. We’ve had customers call these the best business card they’ve ever had.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at DIFFERENT angle…

At Monk Media we ensure you look at things with a fresh new angle. We don’t suggest throwing everything out and starting again…but it really helps to have a radically different second look.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients mean the world to us.

“Working with Rob, was like a breath of fresh air. He taught me all the tricks of the book writing trade with professionalism and passion.

He is definitely the go-to-guy when you want your book done properly from A-Z.”

Ntokozo Mondli Biyela
Author of Mindset ShifT

“Cheers to the man who helped me publish The Beer Book. From clueless to Best Seller!

If you ever thought of writing or publishing a book Rob Riedlinger is your man!”

Holger Meire
Author of “The Beer Book“, “The Industry Guide”, “The Craft Beer Map of South Africa”

“The Jesuit Institute South Africa has done two projects with Monk Media and we have been very happy with their commitment to helping us produce an excellent product.

We were impressed by the attention to detail and the many extra ideas that Monk Media proposed to assist in marketing our product.

Our product was transformed with Monk Media’s assistance and we are proud of what we, together, managed to produce. The work was done quickly and efficiently.

We enjoyed the personal service we received.

We look forward to embarking upon a number of new ventures with Monk Media.”

Fr Russell Pollitt SJ
Director of the Jesuit Institute.

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Our Team has got you covered…

After being in marketing, print and web for 21 years we’ve built up the right contacts in the right paces.


…because it still aint dead

We have base of 5 independent printers we use.

We know you and your needs and choose the right printer for the right print run


…because everyone is there

Running solid servers in mutliple times zones we also have a team of three local and two international web developers that work with us.


Copywriting and Editing

We work with 4 local editors and 2 international editors to bring life to your business through words.

Photography & Illustration & Video

because great images are critical

We have a great selection of local photographers and illustrators.  Let them rock your eyeballs!

 22 Years

of Service


books read this year



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